Sunday, February 24, 2008

Make A Dream Come True

My sister, like many other teenage girls, just loves Chris Brown. She talks about how she is going to marry him one day and that all the love ballads he sings are for her. Chis Brown is everything to her. I remember she and her friends went to see Stomp The Yard which was a movie Chris Brown plays in.

If you haven't seen the movie Chris Brown plays a young boy from the inner-city who loves to krump dance and competes in krump competiton. He gets shot after another crew gets mad about losing to his crew in a krump competition. My sister and her friends were crying as if Chris Brown had really died.

Anyway the point of this story is that my sister loves Chris Brown more then anything as you can probably tell, so which Celebrity Autograph do you think I wanted to get for her?

So I thought how can I get thisCelebrity Autograph? You guessed it, I went to my main resource for gettingCelebrity Autographs and in a couple of weeks I got Mr. Chris Brown's autograph and I had a very happy sister who said she loves me for life.....we will see.

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